Work-and-Turn vs Work-and-Tumble

Turn & Tumbles This is going to be a short and sweet post about work-and-turns vs work-and-tumbles, which are a couple different printing methods when printing double sided on a press. Most of the time you wouldn’t worry about whether or not your job is a turn or tumble unless you are the one printing […]

How to Handle Charitable Donation Requests

Donating your services or products to a charitable organization is a good way to give back to the community and effective way to build your company’s relationships. As you would like to say yes to all request, it is just not possible. Here are a some ways your company can handle these request: Create a […]

Image Resolution

Raster vs Vector There are two different kinds of images: raster images and vector images. Being able to distinguish the two are very important when designing for print. Let’s start by first explaining what DPI means. DPI means Dots Per Inch; these dots are calles ‘pixels’. A pixel is a tiny square with an assigned […]

Sharing InDesign Files

Links, Packaging, & Back-Saving in InDesign There are a couple different things to consider when getting ready to share your files with your Printer or Designer: packaging, links, and back-saving a file to be compatible with an earlier version of InDesign. (We at MMP-MarketMailPrint set up and do most of our work in InDesign CS5, […]

Margins & Bleeds

What are Margins and Bleeds and how do I set up and export my files with them? A couple things about printing and design that not a lot of people know or sometimes understand is margins and bleeds. As a Graphic Designer, I’ve spent years developing this useful habit, so I don’t (nor any other […]

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