Great References for Printers

And people who work with Printers! I’ve stumbled across half a million of these ‘Top 10 Websites for Designers’ or ‘Best Websites for Illustrators’ and so on. I want to focus this one more around good references and foundries for Printers like us [and possibly people working with printers]. Working in a print shop we […]

Color Theory & Color Profiles

RGB & CMYK This post is going to be similar to the previous post ‘Pantones vs Process Colors’ in the functionality of process colors (CMYK) for print. But instead of comparing Pantones and Process Colors, I’m going to get a little into color fundamentals as well as cover the different RGB & CMYK Color Profiles. […]

Digital Printers vs DI Press

Digital vs Offset Recent technological advances enable commercial printing companies, businesses and individuals to create high quality and cost effective printed materials. Most digital printers (like the one you probably have at home) use strictly cyan, magenta, yellow and black (abbreviated CYMK — K stand for Key meaning black) as their printing colors. A lot of […]

Pantone vs Process Colors

Much like you would use the primary colors (Red, Yellow & Blue) to make colors when you’re painting a picture… process colors, or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), are the primary printer inks that are combined to make a majority of printable colors. These colors are the universal printer ink colors, and are used […]

Customer Stock

Customer Stock might be a familiar term for you if you have spent some time around an Austin printing shop. Customer Stock is material (paper, envelopes, etc) that a customer brings in to have printed on, instead of ordering through the shop. This happens a lot when someone wants to use specialty papers, if someone […]

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