Social Media and Customer Feedback

Most consumers are connected in social media in at least one way if not more. Your business will get positive and negative feedback from customers so you will need to understand how to respond strategically to their feedback. When you joined a social media, were you thinking you might be putting your business at risk. […]

Streamline all your Marketing Channels

Streamline all your marketing channels campaigns to help your customers identify your brand. If your customers are familiar and can identify your business based on your branding, it is a better chance your customers will feel comfortable with your business. Design all your business materials such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards to be consistent with your […]

Copyright Laws with images from the Internet

The Internet and Google search engine is giving people a great amount of information and images or photos. This blog will hopefully help you understand the copyright laws for images. MarketMailPrint will purchase images to use in our graphic files. We also use the copyright symbol when using an image. We will not print a […]

Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm

EdgeRank promotes brand pages based on the number of interactions such as comments, likes, and shares a page or post receives. Posts with more interactions tend to be ranked high by this algorithm and is then displayed to the people who like the page. Posts that have less comments, likes or shares might not be […]

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