4 Steps to Generating Leads from LinkedIn

For businesses, LinkedIn can be a goldmine for those who know how to use it. Here are four ways your business might benefit from using LinkedIn for generating leads:

Participation. Encourage your staff to participate with LinkedIn. Your business will have more visibility when staff creates an account so more professionals will associate with your business.

Presence within LinkedIn. Make an effort to spread the word about your availability in LinkedIn. Promote your profile on your blog and Twitter feeds. Add a QR code to the back of your business card that drives traffic to your LinkedIn profile. Include the LinkedIn link on your email signature. Add clients as connections to see their contacts (aka, new potential prospects).

Group Think. Contribute to active group discussions and position yourself as an expert in your field. Don’t waste time on groups that have low member counts and little or no participation. Give thoughtful and expert responses to questions. Don’t pitch your services on LinkedIn, there will be other opportunities for that.

Follow Up. Track who is viewing your company website and your profile. These people may be potential leads researching your company. Follow up leads with an email, LinkedIn’s InMail or phone call.

Lead generation within LinkedIn does require some investment of your time. But by engaging with professionals from relevant industries on social media sites, your list of prospects will grow.

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