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digital-printing-austin-txMarketMailPrint (MMP) is a leading Austin digital printing company. In this capacity, we do small and large print jobs for corporations, start-ups, non-profits and individuals. MMP creates digitally printed banners, signs, door hangers and brochures. We also make a lot of custom business cards, posters and yard signs.

MMP offers an amazing variety of paper and card stocks for our digital printing work. We also have a large selection of inks available. These include aqueous ink, UV-curable ink and low VOC solvent inks including eco-friendly soy and vegetable inks. Our high tech equipment can print on paper, vinyl, fabric and plastic substrates. Basically, if the material will fit into our printers, we can print on it!

We specialize in rush jobs and custom printing services for Austin clients. So in most cases we can deliver the finished product within 24 hours of your order. Our professional print shop team works with rush orders and tight deadlines all the time. If you need quick turn digital printing in Austin TX, you can place an order and upload images directly on our website. Or just give us a call! (512) 454-3838

What is Digital Printing?

In common usage, digital printing is any methodology that uses a computer controlled device to transfer a digital image onto paper or other materials. On the other hand, screen or offset printing involves a primarily mechanical process in which the source is a physical image. In addition to the digitized image itself, digital printer systems often include features like automated setup, finishing, cutting, collation, stapling and binding.

To accommodate the needs of MMP’s business clients, our Austin digital printing capabilities include large format (or grand format) documents. We produce these using expensive high capacity multi-color laser or inkjet systems. To achieve the utmost in precision and efficiency, MMP couples these with advanced computer systems, graphics design and production control software. This results in a completely digital end-to-end process.

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing Technology

In general, offset printing is superior in quality to digital print technology. Offset typically has a higher setup cost (preparing the plates/cylinders, configuring the print settings and making test runs) and lower ink costs. As a consequence, offset printing is superior for large production runs (thousands of copies) where quality is paramount and the high setup cost is spread over the many units produced.

Conversely, digital printing is the technology of choice for short production runs. Applications include on-demand print work or quick turn jobs. Digital printers are especially good for projects where every output piece is different. Event tickets, coupons or personalized mailings are ideal candidates for digital printing.

In our North Austin print shop, we utilize a Variable Data production system with content derived from a customer’s database or third party mailing list. This technology enables us to do a large volume mailing (cards or letters and envelopes) customized for each recipient.

Advances in digital printing technology and lower ink costs are continually changing the game. In the past few years, improvements in quality and cost-effectiveness have made digital printing very competitive with offset printed work — even for long production runs.

If you need high quality digital printing – done quickly – Call MMP (512) 454-3838

Digital Imaging Printing Presses

Popular ink jet and laser printers used with home and office computers are technically ‘digital printers’. But in order to achieve their low price points, these devices have significant limitations in quality and performance. Commercial Digital Imaging (DI) presses like the one in our North Austin digital printing facility are larger and more expensive — and have advanced capabilities:

Quality and Precision – DI presses are computer controlled offset printing machines. Like conventional offset print technologies, the image is produced by direct contact between the ink on the plate/cylinder and the paper (or other medium) on the impression cylinder. This produces smooth solid print with consistent color, well-defined edges and no blotches.

Color Selection – High end digital printing can be done with Pantone colors that offer thousands of distinct color selections. This capability exceeds that of CMYK (or RGB on a video monitor). Pantone supports the ability to consistently produce fluorescents and metallics. This advanced feature is essential for the faithful reproduction of the exact color of a company logo or trademarked color (UT’s Burnt Orange or Aggie Maroon for example).

Print Media – DI presses can print on thicker paper and card stocks than low end digital printing systems. They can also accommodate textured media or specialty papers.

For more information on the features of DI vs. digital printing, check out our blog post comparing DI presses and digital printers.

Large Format and Grand Format Printing

Our North Austin print shop has start-of-the-art presses that can do large format digital printing (also known as wide format). MMP has one of Texas’ largest flat bed printers. We use it mostly for grand format (72” wide or more) jobs. This device is indispensable for really big signs or banners.

Businesses frequently use large format for vinyl and fabric banners, trade show graphics, commercial signage and wallpaper. Large banners for sports stadiums, museums and other indoor and outdoor applications generally use grand format digital printing. And recently grand format printers have gained popularity for vehicle wraps and building wraps.

The most common application for grand format digital printing is outdoor billboards. Before the availability of grand format devices, print shops created large billboard graphics in smaller sections and individually glued these to the billboard structure. Modern grand format printers produce the entire billboard image on a single sheet of vinyl. After being printed, the vinyl is delivered to the site, attached and tightened on the billboard’s metal frame.

If you can think of it, we can print it. Call today to tell us what you need! (512) 454-3838

Whether the finished product is is small, large format or grand format, we can do a high quality job — quickly and cost-effectively.

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