4 Important Things to Consider Before Choosing A Printing Service

Choosing an Austin commercial printing service might seem like a pretty straightforward process, but it is not. This is especially true if you are looking for a reliable and high quality printing company for your business. The printed materials you will be using in your marketing, advertising and branding campaigns will reflect back on your business. What […]


Scoring is creasing a paper for the purpose of making folding easier. If you were to take a sheet of card stock and try to fold it in half, it would look cracked and uneven, and pretty much not very attractive at all. But when you score a sheet of card stock, it indents the […]

Preparing Files for Print

Spending a little time preparing files can prevent you and your favorite Austin print shop from getting a headache, and will help your prints come out in a quick and timely manner. I’m sure nothing is more inconvenient for you than having your files stuck in the Proof process because the files were not set […]

Finishing Techniques

These finishing techniques are common not only with business cards, but with anything from book covers, to package design, to even wrapping papers. Each of them make your product appealing in its own way, not to mention the combination possibilities are endless! Embossing is when a page is pressed between two dies and heat and […]

Opacity vs Tints

I know this is probably one of those basic “well, I know that!” things, but I had to learn this one the hard way here at MMP and it is something that everyone should be sure to know… especially if you are designing for press. I think the opacity settings threw me off originally because […]

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