Window Perfs

Block the sun and advertise on your windows at the same time. We design and install as well.

Store Front

Printed Window Perfs for Business

Promote you products while personalizing your space with custom window graphics. Our talented design team can design you an key catching graphic that will work as a great point of purchase tool. Once our design team has your graphics approved we will print using our UV Flatbed printer and have our crew install your new store front.

When using window perf the window will appear to have a solid graphic from the outside while allowing you to see out from the inside.This is accomplished with the 50% material to 50% holes ratio. The human eyes absorb the light reflected from the image on the printed side, giving the illusion of a solid graphic. When looking out from the unprinted side the human eyes absorb the human eyes absorb the light being reflected off items outside the window giving the appearance of a tinted window you can see out.

There are a number of advantages of this material including the reduced UV light that is allowed through the window and the privacy it can provide your store customers.

Economical Window Perf Options

Window Graphics offer a remarkably cost effective way to enhance the look of your store while advertising your product. Window graphics can be changed frequently whenever you need to announce a new product or give the store front a new look to catch the eye of potential customers.

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